How much Pipeline did You Lose by Not Re-Engaging Past Customers?

Our research shows 50-85% of the customer job changes are missed and even the ones that do make it to your CRM are reached out to with no historical context or familiarity. The Pipeline Leakage Diagnosis helps you estimate how much pipeline  did you miss by not tapping into this high-value insight.

At our scale, monitoring customer job change is a critical accelerant for growth. We are excited about this partnership with Boomerang as we look to automate and scale revenue from this playbook.

John Charlesworth

Sr Director, GTM Systems

Get Started on Pipeline Leak Diagnosis

Step 1


Choose between uploading a CSV file with full names, company names, and emails or seamlessly connect Boomerang with Salesforce/Hubspot.

Options for sharing data: 
Contacts from customer accounts
Product users with high NPS scores
Contacts associated with accounts that have closed lost opportunities
Contacts associated with churned accounts
Step 2

Generate leads

Get 25 warm leads, job change sequence templates, and enablement resources, and utilize them over a two-week period to generate pipeline.

Data test result includes: 
Number of total job changes identified
Monthly customer job changes
Historical trend & monthly leads forecasted
Detecting duplicate contacts & enriching stale contact data in CRM
Referral paths through champions in your target accounts
Step 3

Forecast pipeline impact

After assessing the POC results, you'll gain insights into the number of leads, SQLs, and the revenue you can generate.

Post POC action plan:
We will align on how much this initiative will generate as well as the annual cost
We will help you create a business case for your CFO and CEO
Mutual NDA signed


Define diagnosis scope and criteria

30 mins

Share input CSVs and targeting details

30 mins

Answer questionnaire

10 mins

Review diagnosis report

30 mins

Tracking our customers for job changes and referrals, and remarketing to them is such an obvious growth engine. Boomerang helps us achieve this with zero effort.

Sanchit Malik

Co-Founder & CEO

3 Reasons to get started
with Boomerang

Cost-effective lead gen

Generate leads at 1/3rd the cost of Google ads and convert them 40% faster.

Referral-driven growth

Unlock multi-threading in 50% more opportunities with warm intros.

Customer movement tracking

Monitor and take action when key product users or buyers leave customer accounts.

Frequently asked questions

How will this Data Test help me?

Data Test helps you create your own business case for Boomerang and secure buy-ins and budget approvals internally. You’d be able to present a realistic estimation of potential pipeline impact (based on your actual data) as well as a list of sample leads.

Discover your potential pipeline impact
How does the Data Test work?

We take these Data Tests very seriously and work them no differently than actual deployments, because we want you to see the most value from Boomerang before you make a meaningful investment. Our Data Tests involve i) data ingestion (through CRM or CSV), ii) data clean up and processing, iii) secondary validation with human intelligence, iv) leads clean up and enrichment, v) final leads and report generation.
Just between us, our Data Tests address at least 3x more use cases than those offered by others, and thus much more accurate results!

Experience the comprehensive Boomerang Data Test difference.
Is the data I share for the Data Test treated securely?

Yes, 100%! As mentioned above, we don’t treat the data we collect from you for Data Tests any less than the ones shared by our customers. So all our standard processes and practices apply. We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified and compliant with regional data protection policies like GDPR, CCPA etc. From a legal protection standpoint, we are open to enter into a Mutual NDA before receiving the data.

Get started securely with Boomerang’s Data Test
Would I need to involve my CRM Admin for the Data Test?

Not necessarily. There are two ways to run the Data Test.Option 1: If you have the permission to create a report on CRM, you could export the report and send us a CSV to get the Data Test going.Option 2: If you’d want to ingest the data by connecting your CRM, you’d need to have admin / special permissions as mandated by your organization. For this, we might need your CRM Admin to get on a quick call with us.

No CRM admin? No problem!

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