Boomerang vs. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is the largest database of sales prospects and Boomerang is the best solution for building high-quality pipeline through job change tracking. A typical record in Zoominfo gets refreshed once every 6-12 months whereas Boomerang makes sure you get in front of a past customer within 30 days of them joining their new job.

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% of job changes from last 30 days identified
Machine + human hybrid process for extreme data quality verification
ML-powered ICP fitness and lead prioritization
Lead segmentation and playbook orchestration
Automation of lead flow into SEP
High-touch onboarding process including strategy and messaging workshops

Why Modern Revenue Teams prefer Boomerang

because we vibe on what truly matters!

In sales, time wasted is money lost

BDRs should be working on high-quality leads and not a data dump. Boomerang's ML-powered lead prioritization feature makes sure your team's efforts are spent on where it should be.
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Each customer deserves a 'solution'

Every customers' needs and set ups are unique. Boomerang offers the perfect blend of tech and services to make a solution that's just right for 'YOU'.
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No one needs another tool to go to

BDRs and Sellers are severely tool fatigued, we know that! Boomerang is carefully curated to minimize any new interface or behaviors that your team needs to pick up for it to deliver ROI.
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RIP generic, low-context emails

Boomerang's dynamic playbook orchestration feature supports high-degrees of contextual personalization to significantly increase open rates and pipeline conversions.
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Trust is the new currency

This is just the start. We're using the latest AI tech to build products that help companies predictably generate high-quality, low-cost pipeline by using their trust and goodwill.
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We win only when You win

Delivering customer value is not just another KPI for us. We apologize in advance for being annoyingly insistent on data, best practices and all things needed to see you get ROI!
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Tracking our customers for job changes and referrals, and remarketing to them is such an obvious growth engine. Boomerang helps us achieve this with zero effort.

Sanchit Malik

Co-Founder & CEO

I love Boomerang team’s passion for this problem! Of all the players,I found their product strategy and hands-on customer engagement model to be best suited to support Armis' aggressive growth goals.

Angela Frackowiak

Sr Director, Global Growth Ops at Armis

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90% of job changes gets missed by teams that use Zoominfo

Discover a better alternative: See how Boomerang's approach enables you to maximize pipeline from job change leads


You need a 100% automated workflow to take all key contacts in CRM, track them for job changes, create new contacts for job change leads, and add them to sales sequences and ABM programs,
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Data Quality

You need fresh, accurate job change data for your most important contacts to run a successful champion resell program.
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You need 100% accurate contact information for job change leads to make sure your revenue team has maximum conversion to pipeline and revenue.
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Your reps should spend time on pipeline generation and closing... and not manually building and tracking leads for job changes. With Boomerang, you can automatically

  • Track all customer contacts in CRM

  • Track all power users of your product

  • Create leads in CRM

  • Add leads to sales sequences

  • Auto create reports


Get 50-75% more job changes within 30 days of job change using Boomerang

  • Boomerang refreshes data every month compared to 3-18 months by ZoomInfo

  • Boomerang manually verifies each lead for quality and accuracy leading to higher conversion


Your power users will be your champions in the next job. With Boomerang, you can automatically

  • Automatically identify and track power users along with existing champions and economic buyers

  • Create contacts or leads when champion is at a new job

  • Find email for new employment

  • Link new and previous records

  • Track high NPS product users