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Eric D.

"Valuable tool to identify customer movements - great way to outbound"

I appreciate the data quality, user-friendliness, and the way leads are imported into salesforce and slack, allowing me to effectively save time performing outreach. Leads are identified according to previous relationship strength and alignment with our ICP. I've noticed a significant increase in timely responses from Boomerang leads and a higher chance of conversion across the board. The Boomerang team is highly responsive to feedback and has directly requested to touch base with my team to adjust lead parameters as needed.

Suvikas B

"The goldmine under your nose that you don't even know of!"

For any marketing/GTM leader, what matters most is to generate a healthy pipeline coverage without burning a lot of cash. Boomerang takes ABM to the next level, by taking you 'to where the puck has gone' - by following past champions to their new jobs! The amount of data we have available to work with when it comes to the job change leads is incredible. What they've done remarkably well is help us make the most out of these data points to maximize conversions. We worked with their team to create different segments of the leads and tied those to personalized experiences and different campaigns. Their obsession on driving conversions (rather than just throw leads over the fence) is very impressive.

Christopher M.

"High-quality lead-gen channel"

As a BDR, I look forward to the monthly Boomerang leads, as those are past champions/power users of our product who understand our product well. Boomerang does a great job in surfacing the champions who have moved to ICP companies right to our Salesforce and Slack, also including the past relationship context which simplifies the amount of research I’d have to do otherwise. Additionally, I've seen significantly better open and reply rates with the Boomerang leads. This efficiency is not just a time-saver but also boosts the overall productivity of our sales process.

Katie S

"Boomerang helps me stay on top of my clients!"

I like that I can send and email and forget about it because Boomerang will notify me if they don't respond in a certain amount of time. It is easy to use and helps me stay on top of my work.

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