About Us

The Boomerang Story

Our founders were friends and colleagues at a seed-stage company where they helped its growth to a unicorn success story. 
Through this experience, they saw firsthand how much a business can benefit by delivering real customer value. However most revenue teams were focused on their individual goals rather than the push to drive alignment and value for their customers.

They realized that B2B selling needed to be buyer-centric and our first product, BuyerAssist Mutual Success Plan was born. It helps sellers and buyers work collaboratively through enterprise sales cycles to deliver mutual value.
As we worked with our first set of customers, we realized that our best customers were those that were previous buyers or users or is coming from a customer referrel. What started as an internal initiative that we called "Customer-led Growth" quickly metamorphosed into a full scale product that aligned closely with our vision. Thus Boomerang was born. Boomerang's first product helps our customers identify and re-engage their customers when they change jobs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help B2B companies grow aggressively using their existing customer relationships

Our Core Values

We see every day as an opportunity to turn values into action through our 6 core behaviors


We exist to create value for our customers, and their success is our success. We thrive when we share a common vision with our customers.


We challenge the status quo, continuously improve, and remain curious to learn and innovate.


We are passionate about our work and understand that the journey is as important as the destination. We enjoy every moment of our journey


We do the right thing, no matter the odds, and focus on long-term success without compromising the short term.


We appreciate the opportunities, environments, and support that enable us to create an impact every day.


We separate ideas from people, fostering respectful challenge, rigorous debate, and the collective genius that trumps individual brilliance.
Our Team

Meet the Team of Boomerang

Amit Dugar
Co-founder & CTO
Shankar Ganapathy
Co-founder & CRO
Shyam HN
Co-founder & CEO
Aditya Upadhyay
Ant Khamphay
Account Executive
Anuj Gupta
Harish Subramanian
Solution Consultant
Manthan Bhatia
Nilesh Bagde
Nitesh Jha
Pruthviraj Patil
Product Development
Rishab Bajpai
Customer Success
Rohan Bhagwat
Siddhaling Wachche
Sumit Agarwal
Swarangi Satpute
Vignesh G
Yash Khatri
Product Development
Our Advisors

Meet our Advisors

Bruno Trimouille
Dilipkumar Khandelwal
Kevin N. Hooper
Khadim Batti
Mohit Garg
Salil Jain
Sarah Bennett
Steven Hagler
Our Investors

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