Identify the Best Buyers and the Warmest Path to convert them

How it works


Track customers for job changes and warm intro paths to your target accounts.


Automatically add new leads into outreach sequences, notify teams of job changes, and  activate instant warm intros.

Generate Revenue

Multi-thread accounts through warm intros and convert 10X faster than outbound.  

Account Tracking

Capture the buying group in Target Accounts

Automatically create new contacts for missing buying group members in your target account within your CRM.
Maintain contact updates for new hires and promotions and integrate them to sales and marketing plays.
Our customers identify 50% more ICP contacts in their target accounts.

John Charlesworth, Director, Marketing Operations

Warm Intros

Harness your company's network for Warm Introductions

Auto-generate a network graph of high-value customer contacts, employees, partners, and investors.
Discover warm intro paths to target accounts and buyers and automate the introduction workflows.
Our customers generate 5X more warm introductions compared to before using us.

John Charlesworth, Director, Marketing Operations

Auto Org Charts

Easy Org Chart creation

with 1 click

Effortlessly arrange your CRM contacts into an org chart and label them as champions, detractors, etc.
Enable asynchronous team collaboration within the
org chart.
Our customers save 100s of seller hours from creating org charts manually.

John Charlesworth, Director, Marketing Operations

CRM Data Quality

Keep CRM data

Update/enrich your CRM with new contacts for customers when they change jobs.
Flag the previous contacts as no longer valid, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
Our customers see <1% email bounces and save 100s of man hours to keep CRM up-to-date.

John Charlesworth, Director, Marketing Operations

Customer Data Platform

Boomerang Integrates with 50+ tools to provide a single record of customers.

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Integrates with your GTM Stack

Boomerang integrates with your CRM and other sales tools for optimized data management and overall workflow efficiency.

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