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Revenue leaders at ambitious companies grow sales pipeline with Boomerang

Boomerang identifies your customer champions, monitors them for high-value triggers like job changes or recent renewals, and automates follow-ups to book meetings or get warm intros to target buyers.

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Unlock Revenue from Repeat Buyers

Previous customers are 12X more likely
to buy from you again
These repeat buyers can contribute
upto 20% of new revenue
However, 89% of repeat buyers don't return on their own after getting a new job

“ I love Boomerang team’s passion for this problem! Of all the players, I found their product strategy and hands-on customer engagement model to be best suited to support Armis' aggressive growth goals.”

Angela Frackowiak

Sr Director, Global Growth Ops at Armis

How it works

Unlock Millions in Hidden Pipeline by using Boomerang

Old customers in a new job is a great lead

Buyers like to purchase solutions they have used at previous jobs. Get ahead of the competition by helping your previous buyers buy again.
By keeping track of job movements of your past customers power users, and re-engaging them at the right time,

  • BDR teams book more meetings with less activities

  • Sales teams work on opportunities that convert faster and better

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Don't get caught sleeping as your buying orgs change

Each of your target account buying orgs change by ~20-30% annually. If you don’t keep track of this, customers could churn and you are missing out on high value outbound.
By ensuring that you have all your typical buying group members identified and constantly updated in each account,

  • BDR teams break into accounts more easily

  • Sales teams multi-thread in each of their deals

  • CSM teams proactively handle churn risks

Account Tracking Image

Get your customers to warm intro you to their past colleagues

Buyers today ignore cold emails from vendors they don’t recognize. With automation and AI-powered tools this will only get worse. Boomerang recommends the warm intro path for every account and buyer so  your chances of booking a meeting is much higher

  • BDR teams can book meetings throgh warm intros

  • Sales teams new relationships from a point of trust

Warm Intro Image

AI will create your target account org charts

Manual org chart creation is time-consuming and error-prone, often taking hours or days to compile, risking inaccuracies and lacking collaborative capabilities.
By automating org chart creation,

  • BDR teams book more meetings in lesser time with precise targeting

  • Sales teams develop more effective account strategies

Auto Org Chart Image

Keep CRM up-to-date

All your strategies - marketing, sales, CS - have a single point of failure viz. the CRM data upon which they are devised. While you continue to spend millions of dollars on this every year, it gets no better.
By automating the part of keeping your CRM contacts up to date,

  • Leadership teams get the most accurate picture of deals and customers, and can help effectively

  • Ops teams design initiatives that have a much higher likelihood of impact on revenue goals.

CRM Data Quality Image
Built for all

Crafted for
GTM teams

Demand Generation / ABM

Past customers in new jobs are amongst the highest intent leads. Increase conversion with targeted campaigns that reference the past relationship and value.
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Sales Development

Personalization alone doesn't cut it anymore. With Boomerang leads, you can 'personalize with context' to book job change and warm intro based meetings.
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Multi-thread by tracking if any of your current customers can warm intro you to target buyers and automate the followup in order to win deals.
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30% of CRM data gets outdated every year. Move from stale databases to AI that works for 'you' to keep contact data in your customers and target accounts always up-to-date.
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Customer success

Champion and power user job changes are a significant risk to renewal. Automatically track and act on departures, hiring and promotions in your customers.
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The only Job Change Tracking tool that is

100% automated

Automated Image
Automate the tracking and followup based on job movements of your champions and key hires in your customers and target accounts.

AI powered

AI Powered Image
Assign AI tasks such as cleansing the contact database, identifying absent buying committee members, and enhancing incomplete contact details.

backed by a data research team

Research team
When AI fails, humans take over. Get much higher match rates and 95%+ accuracy to power high-quality pipeline plays.

Go-live in 72 Hours!
see ROI in first month

Connect CRM

Integrate with Salesforce/Hubspot and Salesloft/Outreach/Groove

Define ICP

Define ideal customer profile and
target buyer personas

Get Leads

Engage job change leads in
gifting and outreach sequences
Wall of Love

Hear what our Customers have to say...

Tracking our customers for job changes and referrals, and remarketing to them is such an obvious growth engine. Boomerang helps us achieve this with zero effort.

Sanchit Malik
Sanchit Malik

Co-Founder & CEO

At our scale, monitoring customer job change is a critical accelerant for growth. We are excited about this partnership with Boomerang as we look to automate and scale revenue from this playbook.

John Charlesworth
John Charlesworth

Director, Marketing Operations

Boomerang will transform your sales pipeline this year, enabling your whole sales team to leverage the data and brand recognition your past clients have with your business.

Steve Maxwell
Steve Maxwell

Sales Leader

In today’s cautious spending climate, success assurance is key for projects. To generate new business, we’ll tap into existing customer goodwill and trust with the help of Boomerang.

Perry Nalevka
Perry Nalevka


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