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Why Champion Tracking is a must have for revenue growth !

Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Zoominfo wont work?
What to look for in a champion tracking vendor?
How to build a business case?
‍Why champion tracking is a must-have for revenue growth?
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“ I love Boomerang team’s passion for this problem! Of all the players, I found their product strategy and hands-on customer engagement model to be best suited to support Armis' aggressive growth goals.”

Angela Frackowiak

Sr Director, Global Growth Ops at Armis

Three reasons you will love Boomerang

Generate job change leads from week 1

It takes <1 week for implementation, meaning you are likely to see pipeline impact within first few weeks.

Your only no-UI pipegen tool

Boomerang automatically updates job change leads in Outreach or Salesloft sequences and keeps CRM data accurate, without requiring sales team to login.

Guaranteed 3x revenue impact

Boomerang is going to be amongst your rare investments that have a direct correlation to revenue. Our customers see 10-25K ROI.