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SCOTSMAN Framework


In the strategic playbook of sales, qualification frameworks are indispensable tools, and among these, the SCOTSMAN framework stands out for its thoroughness and effectiveness. SCOTSMAN is an acronym that outlines critical criteria to consider when qualifying a sales opportunity. This framework offers a comprehensive way to assess the viability of a deal, ensuring sales efforts are focused on the most promising opportunities. Let's unpack the SCOTSMAN framework and see how it can be applied to optimize sales processes.

Decoding the SCOTSMAN Framework

Each letter in SCOTSMAN represents a key factor in sales qualification:

  1. Solution: Does your solution align with the customer's needs and challenges?
  2. Competition: Who are the competitors, and how does your offering compare?
  3. Originality: What unique value or features does your solution offer?
  4. Timescale: What is the customer's timeline for implementing a solution?
  5. Size: Is the potential deal size aligned with your target or worth the effort?
  6. Money: Does the prospect have the budget, or can they secure the budget for your solution?
  7. Authority: Are you engaging with the decision-maker or someone who can influence the decision?
  8. Need: Does the customer have a genuine need for your solution?
  9. Strategic Fit: Does this opportunity align with your company’s strategic goals and values?

Implementing the SCOTSMAN Framework

  1. Training and Understanding: Ensure your sales team understands each aspect of the SCOTSMAN framework and how to apply it effectively.
  2. Integrate into Sales Processes: Embed the framework into your sales qualification processes, making it a standard part of evaluating every opportunity.
  3. Use as a Guide for Customer Conversations: Utilize the criteria as a checklist to guide discovery conversations with prospects.
  4. Regular Review of Opportunities: Use SCOTSMAN to regularly review and reassess opportunities in your pipeline.

Benefits of Using SCOTSMAN

The SCOTSMAN framework helps sales teams to:

  • Focus on high-quality opportunities that are more likely to close.
  • Understand and address potential deal-breakers early in the sales process.
  • Align sales strategies with customer requirements and organizational goals.
  • Make informed decisions about where to allocate resources and efforts.

The Evolving Role of Sales Qualification

In today's fast-paced sales environment, qualification frameworks like SCOTSMAN are evolving. With the integration of CRM systems and AI, sales teams can now leverage data-driven insights to apply these criteria more effectively and efficiently.


The SCOTSMAN sales qualification framework offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to assessing sales opportunities. By incorporating this framework, sales teams can ensure they are pursuing the right deals with the right approach, ultimately leading to higher success rates and more efficient sales cycles. In the competitive world of sales, frameworks like SCOTSMAN are invaluable for making smart, informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

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