FEB 06 | 8:00-9:00AM PST

Make It Rain, Marketing - 3 campaigns to grow sales pipeline in 2024

2023 was not a walk in the park, but 2024 is a fresh start. As pipegen leaders, we're constantly thinking about new strategies to generate high-quality sales pipeline. In this webinar, we are going to cover three campaign ideas and the why-how-what to make it work for you:

-> Champion tracking campaign

-> Win-back campaign

-> Referral campaign

Join John Charlesworth, Director of GTM Systems at Narvar, Perry Nalevka, CEO of Penguin Strategies and Shankar Ganapathy, Cofounder and Head of GTM at Boomerang as they share campaign ideas that can impact revenue starting Q1'24!

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Your Speakers

John Charlesworth
Director of GTM Systems, Narvar

A marketing executive passionate about building scalable revenue systems, John leads the GTM systems team at Narvar. He was previously the founder of Stealz and The Community Corkboard.

Perry Nalevka
CEO, Penguin Strategies

As the CEO of Penguin Strategies, Perry leads a team of Technology marketers helping global B2B technology companies to scale their marketing efforts and meet business growth goals through inbound marketing, leveraging marketing technologies, content and social Media.

Shankar Ganapathy
Cofounder and Head of GTM

Shankar leads the GTM teams at Boomerang. Before starting Boomerang, Shankar was a serial president club winner at Mindtickle and helped them scale from pre-revenue through the first $25M in revenue.

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