From Cold to Warm Outbound: The Power of Relationship-Based Prospecting

Cold Outbound as we know is no longer working. Relationship-based prospecting pairs the best thing about sales (great relationships) with the latest technology (Relationship data, ML, GenAI) to drive a high-quality pipeline that coverts faster with a much higher CLTV. Read this blog to learn more about some of the best practices you can bring to your pipegen motions.
Shankar Ganapathy
Sep 22, 2023
6 mins

The last 10-15 years of scaling B2B was through “Predictable Execution”. i.e. hire more people and get them to repeat the same things that have worked for others previously. A lot of how we thought about the pipeline generation stack was also built to scale “predictable execution”.. Therefore key investments were:

-> Databases like Zoominfo

-> Marketing automation platforms like Marketo or Slintel

-> Intent signal providers like 6sense or Demandbase

-> SDR execution tools like SalesLoft or Outreach

-> Digital ads at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and/or physical events 

While this model works great, hyper-competition in every segment and sub-segment, emerging spam prevention techniques from Google and Microsoft, and general buyer fatigue mean revenue teams have to figure out newer ways to get buyers’ attention and budget. 

On the other side, most sales and marketing solution providers have embraced AI to make their solution intelligent leading to ‘some’ improvement in sales outcomes, But It has not impacted revenue or productivity like how we all speculated over the last 12 months. 

With the AI models that we have today, there is an opportunity to fundamentally change some of the GTM stacks to see 10-50X improvement in productivity. With Boomerang, we see the opportunity to fundamentally change pipeline generation from activity-heavy sales execution to high-performance execution. 

What's happening with pipegen?

Recent research from SalesLoft has some mindboggling stats:

  1. Cold email is averaging 2 meetings booked for every 1,000 emails
  2. Cold calls are getting a 12.2% connection rate

A reasonably productive SDR will struggle to book anything more than 5 meetings a month even at peak activity. Something has to change… and the solution is not just about making more dials or sending more personalized emails. 

Some progressive companies have anticipated these newer challenges and we have seen newer teams like Growth Ops getting created to drive newer ways for accelerating growth. 

We believe pipegen for enterprise sales will evolve from outbound-led prospecting to Relationship-based prospecting. 

So what is Relationship-based Prospecting?

If you are like most companies, there are four groups of people that I call raving fans, i.e. they will go above and beyond to help you win: 

1. Your customers

2. Your employees

3. Your partners

4. Your investors/shareholders

These raving fans do a lot of prospecting for you already… like referring past colleagues, talking about you in communities, or even taking reference calls when asked. Sometimes when they change jobs, they bring you into their next company. 

Relationship-based prospecting gives you a methodical approach to generate pipeline by working with your raving fans! There are two use cases that has a lot of untapped potential:

1. Tracking when any of these raving fans change jobs as your ICP and automating the next steps to generate pipeline. 

2. Helping your raving favs to easily refer you to their closest friends that match ICP. 

The relationship a company has with its raving fans is unique to them and something that competition can't disrupt easily. And revenue generated from these relationships will be less expensive and have maximum LTV. It also builds greater trust with your raving fans leading to a flywheel of growth that compounds after every new customer. 

Companies are built on relationships

We all agree that a lot of the new revenue is generated through word of mouth, referrals, and past customers moving into new jobs. And yet almost all marketing investment goes into creating awareness or cold-calling new prospects.

We believe there is a better way to scale relationship-based revenue generation and that's why we are creating Boomerang.  

Here is how we help you do it…

Our platform lets you to create a network of your customers, employees, investors and partners to reveal warm leads through job moment tracking and warm referrals and rapidly speeds up the time it takes to engage and set these meetings that drive revenue. 

Our platform integrates with your CRM to identify and catalog your key customer and partner contacts based on seniority, ICP criteria, and any past relationship signals. We also integrate with your HR tools to know your current and past employees and also understand who are your investors and advisors. We combine this with publicly available information about all these contacts’ past employers, colleagues, and any other relevant professional information. We are also constantly monitoring these contacts for job changes  

So next time your SDR or AE prospects into a target account, they will have two new things they will have access to:

1. Are there any existing relationships that can introduce me to a target buyer in their account?

2. Are there any of our past relationships that have moved into this account and can help me in get front of the right people?

Behind the scenes, our AI-powered tool is constantly analyzing millions of contacts and accounts for job changes, work overlaps, past relationships, and referral paths in order to generate a high-quality pipeline, multi-thread target accounts, and warm introductions to executive buyers.  

Results don't lie

We are seeing some phenomenal value being created with our design partner customers:

  1. 20% additional pipeline month on month within 3 months of deployment
  2. 4X more customer referrals every month
  3. 40 activities to generate a meeting vs. 300 activities in outbound

We are just getting started. And there is a lot more to be done as we help companies move from cold outbound to warm outbound.
If you are interested in being a part of our design partner program, you can reach us at

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  • Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

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